COVID-19 - What we can offer?
During these uncertain times, we wanted to reach out and let you know we are still producing great work and although separated from you physically, collaborations are ongoing! Our photographers, directors and CGI studios are all healthy, safe and working remotely for the foreseeable future. We are currently producing some very cool CG imagery for some of you and have safe options for shooting original photography with live talent and micro crews. We have numerous resources in place today allowing you real options for producing backlogged campaigns. We have you covered. Our crews produce jobs based on their current regional restrictions which go well beyond the USA borders. Our teams are virtually capable using remote video villages and live streaming for agency and clients. Our studios are capable NOW of helping you deliver the assets your clients are in need of. Call us and speak with Tim or Bethany about the unlimited options we can offer. Stay Safe!

Current capabilities:

Holger Wild is based in Hamburg, Germany. While a large studio production is not currently possible, Holger owns all of his own equipment and is capable of shooting on location with a small crew. The production may not have all the bells & whistles, but quality imagery that Holger is known for will not be compromised.

Holger also has a large archive library and is available to shoot backplates and oversee the CGI integration.
Marcus Philipp Sauer is riding out the Covid crisis at his home in Germany. He is readily available to shoot landscapes and urban backplates. He continues to consult and oversee the integration of CGI assets to ensure authentic lighting, reflections and placement.

Marcus also has an extensive archive of images that are available for Rights Managed Stock use.

During this downtime, Marcus has been eagerly researching safety practices and guidelines for when productions can resume. It will be a new way of working and he will be ready!
Paintbox's automotive division has seen an uptick in business since the pandemic struck. Weather working directly with clients or agency, Paintbox sets the bar for delivering very tight deadlines on time , cost efficiency and seamless CGI. Bring it on!STEFFEN JAHN
Steffen Jahn is based in Stuttgart, Germany. He is a team player and loves to work with his experienced crew - but he also explores new terrain with only a camera on his shoulder.

As of today while the world is locked down, Steffen is in a unique position to capture backplates of some of the most gorgeous European locations that are normally crowded or inaccessible. The surrounding landscapes and cityscapes are empty and they are clean.

Steffen owns all of the necessary equipment, from the latest hi-end digital back, medium and large format cameras, to top notch 360° HDR-sphere cameras. He is capable of executing both in-camera and CGI productions quickly and efficiently.
We at [zerone] have extensive experience in the visualization of virtual worlds and can support you in compensating for the breakdown of photography productions with individual solutions.

The procedure can be quite different. To find the optimal solution for your problem, we can provide support to you at a very early stage. Together, with our creative teams and our network of photographers, we can create new looks and image concepts for you. Thanks to our close collaboration with Maground and our extensive experience in combining different types of image mediums, we can work with you to process existing images and supplement them with stock footage and renderings or generate completely original images.

Our architectural department can design and visualize building, cities, landscapes and even complete worlds for you. The possibilities are unlimited. From a CG building to a futurist city, an old factory building or a Mediterranean landscape, everything is possible. With our extensive library of existing 3D content, we are able to work quickly and cost effectively. Production times are comparable to those of standard photography productions.

As soon as studio shoots can take place again on a small scale, our green screen workflow will enable us to integrate models within the virtual world in real time during the shooting. This interactive way of working enables optimal positioning and lighting within the computer generated world. This type of workflow allows for seamless integration within our CG backplates.

Whether you want to give an existing campaign a new look with a modern CGI vehicle or you want to create a complex full CGI world together with us, we offer you high quality and individual solutions during the challenges of this extraordinary time. Our teams, consisting of 2D and 3D artists, our architecture and film department, as well as our software development department is fully operational during the Corona pandemic. Stay Safe!